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Solution for large sized areas - up to 13,000 ft > Cel-Fi® PRO

Package includes:
1x Cel-Fi® PRO

Cel-Fi PRO LTE/4G/3G Signal Booster for AT&T

Reduce Dropped Calls and Dead Zones. All you need is 1 bar of usable service on your phone to improve cellular coverage.

Easy to Install-True Plug and Play, Self-Configuring, No Cabling and Professional installation NOT required!

Cel-Fi is the ONLY Cellular Signal Booster Authorized for use on the AT&T Network,

The Cel-Fi All Digital Booster can cover up to 13,000 sq. ft., making it IDEAL for Homes and Offices.

Cel-Fi has been approved by the FCC for 100dB Gain-Providing a LARGER Coverage Area and 1000 Times Greater Gain than current analog boosters.

Each Cel-Fi system can SUPPORT up to 60 Concurrent Users.

All Digital Simultaneous Voice and Data 3G/4G/LTE (Quad Band MHz 700, 850, 1200/1700, 1900).

Peace of Mind Guarantee: 30 Day Return policy and 2 Year Product Warranty.


Features of CEL-FI PRO signal booster device:
- Fully wireless, plug-and-play quad-band architecture supporting WCDMA/HSPA+/LTE/VoLTE with up to 100dB of gain in each band simultaneously. Cel-Fi doesn't require the installation of external antennas, bulky coaxial cables, handset registration, or a configuration setup by the user. In fact, Cel-Fi intelligently and automatically senses and adapts to its environment-including to changes made by your carrier, or to changes caused by nearby equipment like Wi-Fi, or other Cel-Fi devices.
- Patented 2-unit, 3-hop system allows flexible placement for optimal coverage.

- Processor running advanced digital echo cancellation and channel select filtering algorithm. Cel-Fi's embedded system-on-a-chip technology allows the Cel-Fi Booster to automatically select the frequencies used by AT&T giving you the best available coverage and the end to dropped calls.
- Software-based optimization of integrated antenna coverage pattern which maximizes system gain and provides improved coverage and signal quality.
- Automatic Gain Control (AGC) continuously monitors system path loss and transmit power to deliver maximum gain.

- Intuitive LCD User Interface (UI) allows quick and easy installation by end-user.
- Cel-Fi provides coverage up to 13,000 sq. ft., making it ideal for large homes and offices. Multiple Units of Cel-Fi can be deployed in large offices and will not interfere with coverage strength.
- Cel-Fi is radically different from traditional repeaters, Cel-Fi is the only intelligent booster that's wireless-in/wireless-out. The Network Unit receives the signal from the mobile network (it requires as little as one bar of signal, or -104 dBm RSCP, and -120 dBm RSRP) and relays it wirelessly to the - Coverage Unit that amplifies it for up to 100dB of gain.

Installation Guide

Network Safe

- Securely provisioned operation with ciphered software which only operates on authorized Carrier's network. Cel-Fi is the only booster that has been authorized by AT&T for use on their network and the only booster approved by the FCC for 100dB gain - that's 1,000 times greater gain than analog boosters.
- Network-Safe software prevents uplink system gain from exceeding path loss, and eliminates unnecessary rise in base station noise level.

- Uplink Muting Mode automatically shuts down uplink cellular transmissions when no active user equipment is detected.

- Embedded software ensures optimal performance and prevents out-of-specification operation.

- Maintains end-to-end cellular communication encryption without additional risk of vulnerability.

- Peaceful coexistence with adjacent Cel-Fi systems, 802.11a/ac/b/g/n, cellular, and femtocell devices.

Cel-Fi Processor

Nextivity's IntelliBoost Baseband Processor III.

- Cel-Fi Booster High-Level Specifications
- Support for 3GPP HSPA Rel. 10 features and 3GPP LTE Release 10 Features.
- 5GHz link compliant with FCC Part 15 and EN 301 893.
- Up to 100dB path loss between units (approximately 20 meters between NU and CU).
- Max EIRP for Multiple carriers: 16dBm downlink & 24dBm uplink.
- Auto-Configuring "All band scanning" feature to self-adjust as Network channels change.

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