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We overcome the toughest logistical challenges

We overcome the toughest logistical challenges and deliver landmark design-build systems to private industrial customers worldwide as well as federal, regional, and local government agencies. With CellAntenna global network of resources, we have the power to combine leading-edge technology with unparalleled quality and control. (ISO) We back it all up with an unwavering commitment to safety for domestic and international projects of any scale under any conditions. All across the world at every time of day, CellAntenna is keeping businesses connected. CellAntenna has combined strong forward thinking and cutting-edge technology to improve the way business connect with the world. Our success has been in seeking the balance between big ideas and the technical ability to bring them to life.


Specializing in true design-build control system integration.

Specializing in true design-build control system integration. With the complexity, speed of technology and sometimes competing interest in today’s automation projects, it’s hard to succeed. Our vision/mission is to deliver true design-build project solutions, utilizing in-house design integration. This turnkey project execution strategy results in truly integrated systems of higher quality and with complete documentation, delivered faster and more economically than traditional approaches.

 Design-Build Control System Integration

IBWave Certified Engineers

IBWave Certified Engineers

Quality Technology, Products and Engineering

CellAntenna is an organization that has been built on quality technology, products and engineering.

Our primary value proposition to our customers is the ability to deliver solutions that are designed to meet their specific and sometimes unique requirements. A carefully developed portfolio of hardware and software in conjunction with expert RF engineering skills is what differentiates CellAntenna from all of our competitors, who typically can only offer a single product as a solution. CellAntenna focus and experience has led to the development of engineering and design Best Practices that enable CellAntenna to consistently deliver cost effective state of the art solutions. This continued engineering discipline in concert with a corporate commitment to quality and an unswerving dedication to customer satisfaction has enabled CellAntenna to remain a recognized global leader in the RF industry.

Mission Statement: Specilaizing in Control System Integration

CellAntenna embraces existing and emerging technologies to provide the best incremental, cost effective RF solutions to the public and private sectors Worldwide.

CellAntenna always strives to exceed the needs of our customers.

We will accomplish this by always being responsive to our customer’s problems, while seeking out cutting edge technologies to more efficiently enhance RF signal. We believe this is accomplished by providing an environment that recognizes the employees of CellAntenna as our greatest asset and that allows our employees to maximize their potential to increase their intellectual and organizational experiences with the goal of increasing the market value of the company. We will provide fair compensation to our employees, vendors, and subcontractors while providing reasonable economic returns to our shareholders and continuing to fund our research and development looking toward future technology.