Secure and Reliable Wireless Connectivity for Industry 4.0

CellAntenna and Ericsson have partnered to combine the industry leading technology of the Ericsson Industry Connect system (leveraging the DOT technology) with the award winning services and support of CellAntenna. Together, we deliver solutions for the next generation Industry 4.0 applications.



Cellular connectivity with Industry Connect and CBRS enables a wide range of use cases throughout the warehouse or factory.

At the heart of the technology is Ericsson Industry Connect, a private cellular network designed specifically for the industrial environment. It provides fast, secure wireless capability that readies your operations for all the promised benefits of Industry 4.0. Ericsson Industry Connect enables communication service providers to offer private cellular networks at factories and warehouses starting with 4G/LTE, with a clear path to 5G, delivering on the key technical requirements for next generation communications.

Be ready. Introduce cellular connectivity today and be prepared to transition to 5G as soon as it rolls out.

High reliability

Cover large industrial environments without disrupting operations because cellular connectivity eliminates dead spots.

Robust security

Control all connected devices because you write the SIM cards and choose whether to keep all data on-premise for heightened security.

Device density

Support more connected devices per square meter to expand the use of automation.
Predictable cost

Know exactly what to budget for higher capacity that is always on. No extra per-gigabyte data charges.

Consistent latency

Speed reaction times for apps like collision avoidance and real-time navigation — even across varying network loads.

Proven technology

Rely on what works. For more than a decade, LTE technology has been connecting cell phones the world over.

Connecting farther, faster

Ericsson Industry Connect makes it possible to connect cyber-physical systems to enable faster, more flexible and more efficient processes that lift manufacturing productivity and profitability and boost competitive advantage.

Easy to deploy

What does it take to move to Industry Connect? Just a couple of units of rack space and a few Ericsson Radio DOTs installed on the ceiling of your facility. Once the Radio DOTs are in place, you’ll be up and running in 2 hours or less.



The Industry Connect solution is implemented by the award-winning support and services of CellAntenna. From the initial system design customized for your location, to the install, connectivity, service, and support, CellAntenna has you covered from the last mile to last millimeter. Specifically focused on end to end services, the CellAntenna team, working closely with Ericsson, provides seamless integration of next generation connectivity for your Industrial 4.0 application.


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