Our Capabilities Fields

IED Defeat Solutions

CellAntenna has two core competencies that are the foundation for our continued success. Both deal with the control and management of RF signals.

Signal enhancement using an engineered system of distributed antennas. Ensuring high quality cellular handset and RF signal coverage in-building wireless solutions and on campuses e.g. hotels, healthcare complexes, etc.

Cell Phone Threat Management and IED Defeat – A growing portfolio of state of the art solutions that predictably propagates the system RF signals into defined areas that deny cellular service to targeted user’s handsets.

In both core competencies the use of an engineered distributed antenna system (DAS) is one of the solution building blocks. CellAntenna experience with DAS has enabled our design engineers to always deliver predictable and measurable results.

Other capabilities include:


The enhancement of cellular and public safety radio signals in buildings and campuses. An engineered distributed antenna system is used to propagate the off air carrier signals to all areas of the buildings so users have a “5 bars” experience e.g. hospitals, airports, hotels, etc

Cellular telephone threat management and IED defeat solutions. This includes detection and service denial for cellular handsets in prisons, high security facilities and VIP vehicles.


CellAntenna has the best tool box in the industry:


Surgical jamming (when legal in the USA)

Simple detection

Intelligent detection

Cellular handset control/management

Managed access.


All available today and used in conjunction in many cases with a distributed antenna system (DAS) that assures predictable results and low power RF antenna emissions that meet any health and safety concerns.