Wireless DAS Utility Solutions

Power plants, water departments, oil rigs, and sewage maintenance plants are just a few examples of major utility departments that can benefit greatly from our effective wireless communication systems.

In-building Wireless Solutions

Many utility departments are in remote locations that get very minimal signal, if any at all. Utility department structures, such as power plants, are often constructed in such a way that wireless signals are blocked in areas of major importance.

Resolving communication issues in these industries can greatly increase productivity. Seamless utilization of handheld communication devices within the facility between employees can keep business running smoothly and efficiently.

Technicians out in the field will benefit from the ability to keep in touch with supervisors and other personnel within the facility at all times.

Security personnel within a facility depend on quick and seamless contact with employees and emergency response teams in the event of an emergency. These situations can affect productivity within a facility, as well as the well-being of the surrounding public. CellAntenna’s in-building wireless Digital Antenna Systems (DAS) and signal boosting systems are the answer to providing reliable communication.