Installation & Integration Our licensed, experienced professionals can design your building, based on the best consultative approach. We guarantee state of the art designs, to meet or exceed national and local regulations. Based on the above, we will build the foundation for the proper installation and Integration process:


  • We adhere to the Lean Six Sigma methodology for an optimized project management and installation process
    • Strong focus in planning, scheduling, and milestones
  • We secure the quality standards that meet all carriers’ requirements
  • We use our “Field app” for monitoring installations, in order to secure the right project visibility and quality assurance
  • We pre-manufacture and test all components offsite, in order to guarantee the quality of the installation


  • As an agnostic company, we hold certifications for all of the major OEMs
  • We secure E2E coordination with the carriers for design approval, carrier-provided equipment installation, commissioning, and integration
  • We provide system turn-up and recertification after installation, coordinating with the jobsite in advance of the scheduled certificate of occupancy.

Installation & Integration