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Rapid Deployment Dual Band Public Safety Emergency Repeater System> CA-BRAVO-7080

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CA-BRAVO-7080 - Rapid Deployment Dual Band Public Safety Emergency Repeater System

Dual band 700 and 800 public safety band 80 dB gain/27dBm

Supports analog + New P25 digital systems

Passive Interoperability- multiple agency systems simultaneously on same bands

Indoor or Outdoor coverage emergency operations

2 - Omni Directional Flexible antennas

100 feet of LMR-240 Flame Retardant cable

6 Hour continuous battery power or operated continuously on 12V DC or 110V AC while charging.

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The CA-BRAVO-7080 Rapid Deployment Dual Band Public Safety Emergency Repeater System provides instant coverage of indoor or outdoor areas boosting low signal levels for first responder radios. Supports the ability of different agencies and technologies operating on the same 700/800 band to increase their signal allowing passive interoperability in a multi-channel environment.

Using digital filtering technology, the CA-BRAVO-7080 captures outdoor signals via an included Omnidirectional Antenna, and boosts the signal supplying it to the case mounted antenna. Simply deploying the outdoor antenna using the LMR-240 100 foot cable supplied, the unit starts up with the flip of the power switch on the case. CA-BRAVO-7080 has Automatic level control , Automatic shutdown function Oscillation protection and Overdrive protection to insure compliant operations with existing communication systems.

The dual indoor/outdoor antenna can also be deployed using supplied 100 foot lightweight fire retardant Times Microwave LMR 240 cabling providing coverage deep inside a building. Included: Dual Wheel Pelican case, integrated power supply and charger, instructions, and 2 year limited Warranty ( SLA available) .

Technical specs.

Public Safety Bands :700 / 800 MHz
Gain:80 dB ( w/30 dB AGC)
Output Power: 27 dBm
Power : 12 V / 110 V
Battery Chemistry: 2 x Gel ( Optional liFEPO4 12 hours )
Environmental : 0 - 120 F @ 80% hum.
Weight : 56 lbs
Dimensions: 18 x 12 x 24”

First Responders often find themselves in a situation where no public safety communication is present due to building and geographical conditions. Although some jurisdictions have laws that require a certain level of public safety signal inside new buildings, older buildings are not obliged to provide it. All too often this leaves first responders in a dangerous predicament when they cannot communicate with command or each other. The CA-BRAVO 7080 was designed to solve this problem.

At the heart of the CA-BRAVO 7080 is a bidirectional repeater providing two-way radio amplification of the public safety signal across both the 700 and 800 MHz public safety bands. Combined with safe news technology Lithium Iron phosphate battery, the system provides more than 12 hours of operation before charging is necessary, meeting NFPA 2013 requirements. Easy to deploy, this CA-BRAVO 7080 has built oscillation control safety features to insure no interference with existing communication. The portable repeater can be used for existing legacy SMR radio as well as the new P-25 digital radios, and the future LTE systems.

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