SDR Front-End Product Line

Multi-Operational Amplification Systems Specifically Designed to Enhance SDR Platforms

> Enhances the Performance/Range of SDR Radios
> Uplink and Downlink Amplification and Filtering
> Multi-Band Support through RF Switching
> Bespoke Configuration – Can support Simultaneous FDD & TDD
> AC/DC/Mixed Power Options Available
> TDD Bands Supported (38, 40, 41)

Product Description:

CellAntenna’s SDR Front-End Product Line provides various amplification configurations specifically designed to enhance Software Defined Radio (SDR) Platforms. The system is designe dto provide the amplification requriements EVM’s better than commerical carrier grade communcation, ensuring greater range, signal quality and data throughputs. CellAntenna offers a comprehensive productline consisting of multiple configurations ranging from body worn, drone-mount, test bench, man-pack, vehicle and fixed install systems. Each system is fully customizable for the customer requriemeents specific situations/network layouts/regions. CellAntenna’s front end systems are manufactured in our facility either in the USA or Poland ( customer choice).