Drone Detection and Defeat Technology

D3T™ ECM Capability

Key Features:


The D3T™ system is capable of detecting and preventing hobby style drones from entering secure airspace.

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At the heart of our Patented D3T™ system is our DSP, a software defined radio digital signal processor programmed to determine the flight control system make and model of the drone. Once determined, the system either manually or automatically preforms a series of electronic counter measures (ECM) based on a pre programmed threat level protocol.

D3T™ Antennas are deployed within and at the fence line to provide both detection and defeat capability, surgically affecting only the ‘Bubble’ of protection around the facility.

D3T™ ECM capability includes:
1. Taking control of the drone.
2. Sending the Drone back to origin while monitoring flight data and video stream.
3. CellAntenna’s patented delay technology deprives the drone of accurate GPS data while not interfering with devices in surround area.
4. Cause the drone to land suddenly based on GEO Fence.
5. Other Proprietary techniques

D3T™ Key Features

– Detects Incoming Drones at standoff distance up to 1 Km

– Prevents Entry of restricted airspace of Drone up to 1000 feet above facility covered and up to 300 meters from fence line

– DSP (Digital Signal Processing) determines type of Flight Control system being used

– Deployment of several electronic counter measures (ECM) based on Threat Level

– SDR Technology allows for upgrade of system as new drone flight control platforms enter market

– Does not interfere radio frequency communication.

– Fiber Based system cannot be jammed.

– Scalable to cover large secure building campuses.

– Can be combined with Guardian Service ™ cellphone control to provide both Drone and Phone (cell phone) protection in any secure facility.