Key Features:


> 4G LTE 3G UMTS 2G GSM Natively (5G 2017)

> All Bands 700 – 2700 MHz

> Versatile Portable 10 Watt to Vehicle 500 Watt solutions

> Solutions from 6 to 20 eNodeB/NodeB/BTS

> IMSI catching capability

> Enables Tracking or Identified Target Phones

> Wide Area Surveillance/Pattern of Life Analysis

> Programmable Mission Sets

> System Meshing Capability

> Communication Denial

> Network in a Box and VoLTE/ViLTE Capability

> Android App and or Windows GUI


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USA EXPORT CONTROL The CA-STINGER system used for IMSI/IMEI catching has ECCN# 5A001 f.2 Additional CA-STINGER Attack capabilities subject to further specific export licensing requirements by the US Government.



The CA-STINGER Platform is a self-contained fully functional Multi-Protocol Multi-and Mobile Phone Control and Attack System. Using a software defined radio array, the system emulates signals commonly generated by commercial cellular base stations. The system has IMSI/IMEI catching White/Black list capability and can perform several missions including DF, MiM, Push, JAM and SLAM. With NiB/VoLTE/ViLTE capability the system can provide secure LTE networking while performing its mission.

Made by CellAntenna in the USA, the CA-STINGER can be deployed in several form factors including Man Pack to Vehicle Rack mount with field interchangeable radios and power output conditions from 10 watts up to 100 watts per band per carrier. The CA-STINGER system requires minimal setup and is controlled from a central command center or an easy to use Android App for maximum covertness. Using meshing, multiple units can communicate allowing wide area coverage with central command and control sharing missions and key data parameters.


THESE PRODUCTS ARE FOR THE USE OF GOVERNMENT AGENCIES ONLY” These commodities, technology, or software are to be exported from the United States in accordance with the Export Administration Regulations. Diversion contrary to U.S. law is prohibited. (U.S. Department of Commerce)