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    DETECTS AND DEFEAT REMOTE CONTROL COMMERICALLY AVAILABILE DRONES The D3T™ system is capable of detecting and preventing hobby style drones from entering secure airspace. For more information, please contact us at  954-340-7053

  • DT2000+ Portable battery operated unit with integrated panel antenna


    The DT 2000+ is a highly sensitive cell phone detector that provides instant awareness to the presence of a cell phone whenever a transmission takes place either in a call condition or during periodic tower communication updates. Signal acquisition is optimized by using very sensitive amplifiers, high quality filters and a built in directional antenna(s). […]


    4G LTE 3G UMTS 2G GSM Natively (5G 2017) All Bands 700 – 2700 MHz Versatile Portable 10 Watt to Vehicle 500 Watt solutions Solutions from 6 to 20 eNodeB/NodeB/BTS IMSI catching capability Enables Tracking or Identified Target Phones Wide Area Surveillance/Pattern of Life Analysis Programmable Mission Sets System Meshing Capability Communication Denial Network in […]

  • CA-UAVTETHER : Tethered Drone Surveying/Surveillance System

    Assembled in minutes, able stay in flight 24hrs/7 days a week Able to fly to heights of 400ft Coaxial Configuration (RG142 or LMR 240/400) Available CAT5/6/7 Configurations Available Tether creates stability for clear imaging for safety and security purposes Receives and broadcasts coverage instantly, information while in flight can be transmitted to the user for […]

  • CA-STINGER-3502 : Ultra-Portable Cellular Control and Surveillance Platform

    Tracks and Controls Cellular Devices within an area. IMSI / IMEI reporting Supports 2G/3G/4G Easy to use Windows or Android GUI Small Form Factor Light weight/Minimal Payload System Meshing to allow Wireless Networking GPS Location Assist Information Single or Dual Radio Configurations Available Includes CA-TREX Conditioning Amplifiers/Filters For more information, please contact us at  954-340-7053 […]

  • CA-STINGER-3510 : Portable IMSI/IMEI Catcher

    Detects IMSI/IMEI Information from Cellular Phones All in One Package Dual Radio Support All EU or USA Mobile Phone Bands Supports Cellular Protocols including 2G, 3G and 4G Fully Adjustable Output power Fully filtered to prevent interference Easy to use Windows or Android GUI Lightweight – 6 kg Battery Powered   For more information, please […]

  • CA-SIGNAL-SCRUBBER : Anti-Jamming, Anti-Interference Platform Designed Exlcusively for Cellular-Based Military/PoliceCommunications

    Protects comms receiver against in-band and out-of-band external interference Significant rejection of up to 40dB of both narrow band and wideband interference Dramatic improvement of voice clarity and data rates Supports MIMO Operation Supports indoor and outdoor installation Power options include PoE and -48VDC Continuous signal monitoring and analysis For more information, please contact us […]

  • CA-STINGER : Fully Integrated IMSI Catching Solution Designed for Permanent Indoor/Outdoor Installations

    The CA-STINGER System is an IMSI Catching system designed to monitor cellular traffic within an area. Phones are interrogated by the system in order to identify them by their unique IMSI/IMEI serial numbers These serial numbers can then be used to monitor who is entering the facility, who is no longer within the facility and […]

  • Fiber DAS Integration : Integrating the CA-STINGER with Distributed Antenna Systems

    STINGER system must overpower actual network towers in order to be effective. Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) increase range of the system exponentially by spreading coverage through multiple antennas. Fiber DAS allows for multiple buildings or large areas to be covered all by a single system located in a single control room. Limiting complexity of the […]

  • CA-MBRU : Mult-Band Remote Unit Designed for Fiber DASInstallations

      In-Situ monitoring and control of attenuation levels connected through IP address / Ethernet port Remote monitoring and alarm capability built in of: five band output levels indBm reflected power temperature door alarm Remote control of digital attenuation per band in 1dB-steps with 31dB-range Network Capable IP addressable ofr worldwide monitoring ( choice by customer) […]

  • CA-PMOD & CA-VAS-6150/6500 : Portableor VehicularCell Phone Control/Surveillance System

    Identifies IMSI/IMEI Information within an Area Native 2G/3G/4G Capability Enables Tracking of Target Phones Across an Area Wide Area Surveillance/Pattern of Life Analysis Last Mile/Precision Targeting Solution System Meshing Capability Communication Denial Network in a Box and VOLTE Capability 4G Video Surveillance Streaming Capability Android Compatible for Maximum Covertness For more information, please contact us […]