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The Cellular Base Station provides wireless voice, fax, and computer communication to home, office or any remote location where phone service is needed and a cellular communications network is available. Primary telephone service, extra lines and security back-up can be available immediately. Simply plug your standard telephone, fax machine or computer modem into the unit's jack. This is a self-contained unit with its own internal cellular telephone built in.

The benefit of this self-contained unit is that it will allow the connection of a boat or house that does not have phone line access in remote or offshore areas. When used in marine applications, a yacht or boat can have regular landline service conveniences including a fax, modem and regular phone hookup. Ideal for the boat-based office. When used at home, every phone in the house operates just like it was connected to a land line.

You can connect up to 5 standard (land line) phones to the unit. Place calls as you would normally, with no special code required. Connect the unit to a fax and computer, as well. For all applications, a separate cell service plan from your provider is required- it cannot be shared with an existing cell phone. Requires AC power; adapter included.

Case studies
Below are real-world examples of how Fixed Cellular Terminals are solving a variety of connectivity challenges. The following case studies show how our cost-effective, easy-to-install solutions are ideal for various applications including wireline replacement, wireless data backup, portable dial-tone and remote data access.

- Construction (Pulte Homes) - (Low Resolution) (High Resolution)

- Remote Monitoring (Environmental Resolutions) - (Low Resolution) (High Resolution)

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