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Solution for small office or home > CAE50DA4KSBR

Package includes:
1x Dual band wireless cellular amplifier/repeater
1x 110v AC/DC Power Supply
1x 12VDC Power Cable
1x Internal omni-directional antenna
1x External 9dB gain dual band cellular antenna
1x * 50' PowerMax DA340 ULTRA low loss coaxial cable and factory attached connectors
*Requires a minimum separation distance of 20' between inside and external antenna.
Not for use with Nextel phones.

SOHO DA4KSBR Dual Band Repeater Pack

PowerMaxTM DA4000SBR

Increases cell coverage wirelessly

Dual Band Wireless Cellular Amplifier / Repeater

FOR UP TO 1000 Square feet of Area

2 simultaneous users ( can be greater under certain conditions)

Operates with all cell carriers in the US except Nextel

Complete package including antennas for easy installation

Increases safety by directing maximum power to the external cell antenna

Low cost solution for maximum cell phone coverage


Technical specifications
Digital Antenna's New POWERMAX DA4000SBR dual band, wireless, amplifier/repeater increases cellular signal strength and provides excellent reception inside homes, offices, RVs, boats and yachts without a physical connection to the cell phone (no wires!), externally transmitting cell phone signal. This patent pending technology even allows clean and clear wireless functioning of multiple cell phones operating on 800MHz and 1900MHz bands simultaneously. SUPERB cellular service is now available in previously unusable locations!

Stay Connected ... Wirelessly! A superior signal reach booster, the DA4000SBR provides excellent reception, increases range and extends the life of your cell phone battery. This translates into fewer dropped calls, safe, clear connections and stronger signals, all with no physical connection so that you can freely walk around.

The DA4000SBR can be used with digital cell phones that operate using CDMA, TDMA, PCS, GPRS, GSM 850, GSM 1900 and AMPS. It can also be used with tri-mode phones and meets IS 95, IS 98, IS 2000, 1XRTT and IS 136 network standards. DA4000SBR is approved for pi/4QPSK standard.

Yachts, Marine Vessels, RVs, Homes and Offices Complete package for easy installation. An outside antenna receives the signal from the cell tower, amplifies and repeats this to your cell phone through the interior antenna. The DA4000SBR is the only dual band repeater in the world, offering superior performance and outstanding range, unequaled in the industry.
Optional equipment


Directional Wall Panel Antenna w/ Pole Mount Bracket Kit w/MiniUHF Connector

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