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Small home or office repeater kits solutions

Increases Cell Phone Signal Indoors

Covers up to 1,500 SF

For all Carriers

Easy to install

Wireless indoor coverage

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Products overview
Now an affordable solution to solve the dropped call and no signal problem in your home. The CAE50 kits are easy to install and will increase your signal strength 1000%. The expected area of coverage is 1500 square feet. At the heart of this repeater is a 50 dB gain bi-directional amplifier increasing the signal strength.

We supply an external antenna (Yagi for Cellular and Panel for PCS). The antenna comes with 33' of low loss cable complete with the connectors already attached. Install the antenna outside on a wall or on a roof edge. Run the supplied 33' special low loss cabling to the inside of the home, ceiling or attic, and mount the amplifier at a central location. The amplifier installs vertically with the hardware supplied.

It has 2 indicators, one for 'Power On' and one for "Fail". The 'Fail' light comes on if the exterior antenna and the interior antennas are too close to each other, in which case feedback will occur.

Easy to adjust by moving the antennas or unit. There is a panel antenna provided that attaches to the amplifier for the indoor coverage. Power up the amplifier using the supplied 5V power adapter. For low signal areas, you can purchase the optional Higher Gain Yagi antenna for cellular communication. See the results instantly on your cell phone!


- Incorporates EDGE for high-speed Internet and e-mail capability
- Supports GSM personalization features
- Easy to set up
- Superior voice quality
- Allows the use of up to 3 telephones Caller ID, call waiting/call hold, call forwarding
- 7 LEDs for signal strength, message alert and terminal status
- Immediate primary telephone access and availability of extra lines

In areas that have weak signal coverage from cellular service providers, such as offshore, remote areas or indoors, you can combine the Telular Base Station with our DA4000 booster amplifier and one of our exterior Yagi/Panel and get range of service far beyond your imagination!

Installation instructions
1. Install external antenna

2. Install amplifier on inside wall.

3. Attach the supplied indoor antenna

4. Run cable from external antenna to amplifier

5. Power up amplifier.

6. Rotate outside antenna until best possible signal is achieved indoors.

User review
"Easy to install, took less than an hour, I have 5 bars in my basement home office where no cell phone ever worked. We couldn't be happier! Great product! Great service! 5 STARS! " - R. B. Huntingdon Valley, Pa
Comes with:
> High gain external antenna
> 33' of low loss cable
> 50 dB Gain FCC approved amplifier
> Wall pack power supply
> Internal antenna
> Instructions
> Free tech support

NOTE:The system can handle 10 simultaneous calls. Also, our estimated signal strength outside your home at roof level must be 3 bars or greater on your mobile phone (-75dBm). Please contact us If you are in any doubt which system is for you.

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