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Solution for small or medium sized areas - up to 25,000 ft >

Package includes:
1x 72dB Five-Band booster
3x Omnidirectional donor antenna
1x Dome coverage antenna
1x 4-way splitter
5x 400 series cable assemblies: 30 ft, 50ft, 75ft + 3ft jumper cable


FORCE5 2.0 Five Band Amplifier Kit w/4 coverage antennaw

FORCE5 2.0 Five Band Amplifier Kit

Up to 25,000 sq ft coverage

Up to 100+ simultaneous users

Easy to install.


About the repeater:
Voice and 4G LTE Data Signal Booster with Built-in Remote Monitoring System

SureCall’s Force5 2.0 is the next evolution in cellular booster technology. Known as a wideband DAS solution, it provides improved cellular coverage for large buildings with the use of a powered bi-directional amplifier and non-powered antennas and coax-cables. The self-contained cell phone signal booster improves signal strength for all major North American cell carriers resulting in decreased dropped and missed calls and improved 4G LTE data performance.

Additionally, the Force5 2.0 is the first ever cell phone signal booster equipped with built-in remote monitoring through SureCall's proprietary Sentry software and hardware. This allows integrators to optimize booster performance during installation and while located off-site using the iPhone® or Android® apps, or through the desktop interface.

Unique Features
• Boosts signal for voice, text and 4G LTE data for all major North American carriers
• Reduces dropped & missed calls and improves data performance for 100+ simultaneous users
• Improves signal coverage for 25,000 sq. ft. in typical conditions; up to 100,000 sq. ft. in ideal conditions*
• Built-in Sentry remote monitoring system that allows users to adjust the booster attenuation via iPhone or Android mobile apps or desktop
• High linearity across all frequency bands allowing for maximum data throughput
• Each band is independently configurable to function in the most challenging environments
• Maximum downlink power for superior performance even with excessive signal (no shutdown)
• Multiple kitting options provide the flexibility to accommodate any floor plan All major carriers
Remote monitoring
Voice & 100+ users
• FCC certified
• 3-year warranty
• VoLTE certified
• 5-year extended warranty available

More info:
Optional equipment


50 ft 400 series Low Loss Cable w/N Male/N Male Connectors


100 ft 400 series Low Loss Cable w/N Male/N Male Connectors


150 ft 400 series Low Loss Cable w/N Male/N Male Connectors


Surge Filter/ Lightning Protector w/N connectors


Omni Directional Distribution Antenna


Fiberglass Omni Antenna 698-896/1700-2700 MHz 3-4dBi gain.


Universal J-Pipe Mount Mast


2-Way Dual Band Combiner (698-2700MHz)


3-Way Dual Band Combiner (698-2700MHz)


4-Way Dual Band Combiner (698-2700MHz)

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