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CellAntenna Corporation Awarded General Service Administration (GSA) IT Schedule 70 Contract for In-Building Public Safety / Cell Phone Signal Boosting and RF Interference Mitigation


CellAntenna Corporation – a leading integrator of Public Safety and Cellular in-building Signal Boosters – today announced it has been awarded General Service Administration IT Schedule 70 Contract 47QTCA18D003M. This award facilitates sales procurement by U.S. Government Agencies as well as State and Local Governments requiring professional services involving the design, supply and installation of CellAntenna’s in-building cell phone signal boosters, and custom-engineered distributed antenna systems (DAS) to amplify reception in problem areas inside buildings.

ncluded are CellAntenna’s complete turn-key solutions to increase In-Building Public Safety Signal Coverage that meet or exceed NFPA 72, allowing for clear communication for police and fire radios. CellAntenna’s Interference Mitigation services, hunting down rogue signals affecting Public Safety towers preventing clear communication between radios, is in this award as well.

"We are excited about being a source of services of government buyers," stated Howard Melamed, President of CellAntenna Corporation. "This is a major achievement in our 16th year of operation by our Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB), extending our core business to the government sector."

CellAntenna offers 2G, 3G and 4G LTE data and voice solutions for all major carriers. As experts in current standards, CellAntenna designs, installs and commissions the system, and ensures that it meets or is better than the code. CellAntenna’s FCC compliant indoor systems boosts P25, TETRA and all analog and digital type of public safety communication.

ACA 2016 Winter Conferencek


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The Traffic Cop for The Cell Phone Network


CellAntenna introduces the CA-CPCR-4G Concentrator/Redirector: latest in cell phone control for cellular providers and government agencies

Today at the CTIA Exhibition, CellAntenna announced the launching of its latest solution, the CA-CPCR-4G Cell Phone Concentrator-Redirector. As the cellular network ‘Traffic Cop’, the CA-CPCR-4G determines which phones can ‘go’ or ‘stop’ on any network, including the connection to any cellular provider’s tower or beacon. The CA-CPCR-4G is designed to work independently of network operations using 2G, 3G UMTS and 4G LTE protocols, controlling any cell phone in a targeted area.

CellAntenna’s CA-CPCR-4G concentrates cell phone traffic to specific tower beacons for security purposes, E911 or cellular network efficiency. In case of emergency or specific legal conditions, the CA-CPCR-4G can redirect traffic off specific towers controlling cell phone access allowing only specific cell phones to work while disabling all others. For in building control connecting to CellAntenna’s engineered Distributed Antenna System (DAS), it allows cellular providers the ability to force all subscribers to connect to a specific BTS or Small Cells ensuring cell phone location capability, an FCC E911 requirement. The versatile CA-CPCR-4G has applications in prisons, police operations, various secure government buildings and other managed access requirements.

It can be used for roaming traffic capturing, airport and stadium control, as well as emergency communication operations.

“The Redirector/Concentrator represents a major achievement in the legal control of cell phones," stated Howard Melamed, president of CellAntenna. “The CA-CPCR-4G is needed by carriers to improve control of existing subscribers, and to provide government authorities with the tools needed to make cellular communication secure."

CA-CPCR-4G is one of several focused solutions engineered by CellAntenna that can be incorporated into CellAntenna’s DAS systems. The Redirector/Concentrator is intended for use only by cellular carriers and government agencies in accordance with FCC regulations.

For more information, call CellAntenna directly at (954) 507-7842 or
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CellAntenna Releases White Paper on Understanding the Terrorist Threat of Hobbyist Drones


Comprehensive analysis provides insight into the true capabilities of Hobby UAV’s

CellAntenna Corporation today has announced its release of a comprehensive white paper "Understanding the Terrorist Threat of Hobbyist Drones," providing information to government agencies and first responders. The white paper analyzes the capabilities of popular multi-blade drones that can be purchased on the internet or through hobby stores and discusses the various abilities of common drones to be used by terrorists.

Drone landings on the white house lawn, the buzzing of three drones around the Eiffel Tower, and the recent landing of a drone with radioactive material on the Japanese Prime Minister’s office have put UAV’s in the media spotlight focusing safety concerns by the FAA and DHS. The white paper examines the hobbyist drones ability to be used as a weapon delivering a formidable IED or WMD, and its intelligent gathering capability. The threat to aviation safety is considered in relation to the capability of both drone pilots and current technology to carry out a terrorist attack in flight.

“It is important that the discussion of hobbyist drones be one based on fact and not fiction, so that our government including the FAA and DHS can focus the right resources to counter the true threats," stated Howard Melamed, CEO of CellAntenna Corporation. “The white paper provides the right information to make the right decisions,” he added.

Two different versions, one for Homeland Security and the other redacted version for the public can be requested by going to the following link and filling out the request form: here , or by calling at 1-877-285-5220.

CellAntenna Corporation has developed D3T, Drone Detection and Defense Technology system to counter UAV threats to secure areas. It provides integrated solutions to solve cellular and public safety signal problems, as well as jamming and cell phone control systems. . OpenSky Drones LLC ( www.openskydrones.com) , a wholly owned subsidiary provides smart engineering services using drones safely, replacing activities that can potentially put people at a safety risk. Both companies have applied for exemption status under the rules established by the FAA for their use of drones for specific applications and are headquartered in Coral Springs Florida.

CellAntenna Announces CA-BRAVO 7080 - Dual Band Public Safety Portable Emergency Repeater


CellAntenna Corporation has announced today its latest system for emergency communication deployment of public safety systems in both the 700 and 800 MHz band. The CA-BRAVO 7080 portable dual band public safety battery operated repeater is designed to provide First Responders with a quick deployment solution to solve radio signal problems in buildings, or outdoors.

First Responders often find themselves in a situation where no public safety communication is present due to building and geographical conditions. Although some jurisdictions have laws that require a certain level of public safety signal inside new buildings, older buildings are not obliged to provide it. All too often this leaves first responders in a dangerous predicament when they cannot communicate with command or each other. The CA-BRAVO 7080 was designed to solve this problem.

At the heart of the CA-BRAVO 7080 is a bidirectional repeater providing two-way radio amplification of the public safety signal across both the 700 and 800 MHz public safety bands. Combined with safe news technology Lithium Iron phosphate battery, the system provides more than 12 hours of operation before charging is necessary, meeting NFPA 2013 requirements. Easy to deploy, this CA-BRAVO 7080 has built oscillation control safety features to insure no interference with existing communication. The portable repeater can be used for existing legacy SMR radio as well as the new P-25 digital radios, and the future LTE systems.

“Communication is essential in any emergency situation," stated Howard Melamed, CEO of CellAntenna Corporation. “Having a standby CA-BRAVO 7080 system to be deployed in emergency situations will save lives. Every Fire Department needs them,” he added.

For more information on the CA-BRAVO 7080 system, go to CA-Bravo-7080 page

Poor Indoor Public Safety Radio Signal Levels Place First Responders and Public At Risk.


Cellantenna Corporation Urges Local and State Governments to Pass Minimum Indoor Public Safety Signal Requirement Ordinances for Safety Reasons, Immediately.

June 17, 2014, Plantation Florida: At a presentation today to the Fire Prevention Subcommittee of the Fire Chiefs Association of Broward County, Howard Melamed CEO of CellAntenna Corporation, emphasized the need for adequate radio signal coverage in buildings as many First Responder organizations shift to the new digital P25 communication from existing analog systems. Passing ordinances at the city and county levels to have building owners guarantee an adequate indoor public radio signal level is essential. Proper radio communication inside buildings in emergency situations saves lives.

Public Safety radio signals indoors are problematic throughout the country. Often First Responders enter buildings in emergency situations and cannot use their radios due to signals being blocked by the building structure or due to the location far from the radio transmission towers. In many areas of the country, there are no requirements for building owners to insure public safety radio coverage inside their buildings. Passing ordinances by local and state governments who have jurisdiction in these matters would insure that First Responders have radio communication at all times, keeping both the public and themselves safe.

The National Fire Protection Association, an organization that deals with Fire Safety, already specifies the level in NFPA 72 2013 the latest standards proposed.

“ Adequate public safety signal levels in buildings, saves lives “ Stated Howard Melamed, “ It is urgent that our local and state governments enact ordinances to accept the current NFPA 72 2013 recommendations and pass minimum indoor signal levels for public safety radio signals. “

The Fire Prevention sub-committee of the Fire Chiefs Association of Broward County are Fire Marshals of the Broward municipalities that oversee respective Fire Inspectors and Fire Plan reviewers in Broward County. They report important information gleaned from meetings directly to the Fire Chiefs association.

Howard Melamed, CEO of CellAntenna Corporation, is a renowned expert in radio communication technology and has been speaking on the NFPA 72 2013 standards and how they can be implemented to local Public Safety organizations urging municipalities and counties nationwide to implement the newest requirements.



This week, CellAntenna Corporation increased production of its CAE-750 emergency communication cellphone deployment solution to meet demand generated by Hurricane Sandy.

The CAE-750 can be immediately deployed to connect with cellphone towers that are working, even though they are at a far distance, in order to boost cell signal indoors and outdoors.

"We have increased our production capabilities and increased the hours of our engineering staff to meet the needs of our clients on the Eastern Seaboard who are leading recovery efforts following Hurricane Sandy," stated CellAntenna Corporation CEO, Howard Melamed. "We are proud to work with our country's First Responders and provide them with a product that assists them in aiding the victims of this devastating hurricane."

FEMA, the Border Patrol, Police Departments, Fire Departments and other First Responders have purchased the CAE-750. The unit is quickly set-up for instant communication boosting, and comes with a backup battery system that can operate for over 8 hours and has been proven when used in recovery efforts following Hurricane Katrina and other natural disasters.

The CAE-750 is available on the GSA schedule by visiting www.gsarf.com CellAntenna has also increased its call center hours to keep up with demand associated with the hurricane.

Cellantenna Corporation Announces New CJAM-AJD Active Jamming System


CJAM-AJD has cell phone detection capabilities and is able to combat 3G and 4G technologies

Coral Springs, FL – Today, South Florida-based CellAntenna Corporation announced its newest system, the CJAM-AJD Active Jamming System. The new model is a portable, multi-band cell phone jammer that provides adjustable 15-100 watts of power, enough to handle any cell phone threat.

The high-tech CJAM-AJD, which is U.S. made, designed and manufactured by CellAntenna, features cell phone detection capabilities that allow instant jamming when needed. The CJAM-AJD’s configurations include the ability to turn on only when cell phone activity is detected, making it ideal for law enforcement and government entities, including prisons and bomb squads, as well as others that wish to create a “safe space” through the prohibition of cell phone use. The unit can be used to combat all technologies, including 3G and 4G, as well as for Wi-Fi and satellite phones.

“We created this unit for our international clientele, and the CJAM-AJD is second-to-none when it comes to jamming systems.” stated CellAntenna CEO, Howard Melamed. “Our Made in the USA CJAM-AJD compliments CellAntenna’s current CPC Cell Phone Control and Managed Access suite of offerings.

In accordance with the 1934 Communications Act, the CJAM-AJD is solely available for the U.S. Federal government and its agencies, and for export to government entities outside of the United States.

CellAntenna Corporation to Introduce New Cell Phone Repeater Products at Miami-Dade Building & Facility Maintenance Show


Miami, FL – CellAntenna Corporation will display and introduce its latest LTE Portable Cell Phone Repeater solutions for emergencies at the Miami-Dade Building & Facility Maintenance Show in Miami, Florida on June 6th and 7th, 2012.

The CAE750-ALPHA and CAE750-BRAVO are cell phone repeater systems specifically designed for clients dealing with emergencies. The CAE750-ALPHA is customized for corporations and entities that require emergency cell phone service, particularly for hurricane preparedness and communication after disaster strikes.

“We are pleased to offer our emergency solutions to the building and facility managers in South Florida. These individuals are accustomed to severe weather and natural disasters affecting their regular operations, which is why we designed our systems to cater to these scenarios” stated CellAntenna CEO, Howard Melamed.

Both of the units allow for rapid deployment of cell phone signal in emergencies and rely on a back-up battery system that offers up to 8 hours of power during outages. CellAntenna’s CAE 750 ALPHA and CAE 750 BRAVO models are both designed based on a 5-band repeater system that the company plans to rollout later this summer

Both of these cell phone repeater models are available on the CellAntenna Corporation GSA Schedule.

Cell Phones Cannot Crash Airplanes - CellAntenna Says FAA is Wrong


Coral Springs, FL - CellAntenna's CEO contested that cell phones do not interfere with airplane navigational equipment, and cell phone use during takeoffs and landings cannot crash airplanes.

FAA rules dictate that airlines force passengers to turn off cell phones during takeoffs and landings because of interference problems with navigational equipment. This ruling went into effect when tower operators complained that cell phone use on airplanes was generating havoc on systems, as cell phones contacted more than one tower and caused interference. Older models of cell phones, like cell bag phones, emitted larger transmissions. This has been corrected in this century, as cellular carrier software has experienced upgrades and small, low- energy pocket and smart phones have become prevalent. The FAA has not updated its rules to accommodate such cell phone progression.

"It's ridiculous that Flight Attendants, who are not engineers, and have no knowledge of engineering make-up of planes, tell passengers to turn off their cell phone because it interferes with navigational equipment," stated Howard Melamed, CEO of CellAntenna. "It frightens passengers and it is unnecessary. If the FAA was right, and cell phones were dangerous, why would they even allow them on airplanes? There are reasons for keeping a cell phone off before takeoff and landing, which include making sure attention is given to safety procedures and for common courtesy. However, since it's almost impossible to make a call above 3500 feet, let alone at cruising altitude, keeping the cell phone on will ultimately only drain battery as it tries to reach a tower with which it cannot communicate".

Melamed further states that CellAntenna engineers and manufactures cell phone detection equipment that is used by law enforcement on trains, in correctional facilities, and can also be used on planes, but to date no inquiries have ever been received on behalf of an airline or the FAA. "If this were truly the issue, we would know about it."



CORAL SPRINGS, FL – CellAntenna, a division of CellAntenna Corporation, has announced that it has begun implementation of a 4G LTE upgrade program for all existing cell phone signal booster for in-building DAS systems.

The upgrade is a fast, efficient and affordable solution that meets the demands of customers around the world. The 4G LTE upgrade can be integrated into existing in-building (DAS) Digital Antenna Systems.

CellAntenna provides customized engineering solutions in buildings where cell phone service does not exist.

Although private individuals possess cell phones that are outfitted with 4G LTE capabilities, users are rarely able to access the full technology capabilities of the network as a result of non- implementation of technology in rural areas or large buildings. The 4G LTE upgrade provides a custom-engineered solution designed by CellAntenna engineers, who are able to anticipate current and future wireless requirements.

The 4G LTE upgrade results in seamless voice and data communication that delivers timely and accurate information accessible anywhere, enabling increased response time and maximized operational efficiency for businesses and organizations. Additionally, the upgrade provides easier access to security and emergency services in compliance with nationwide public safety codes.

The 4G LTE upgrade is applicable to the following industries: Hotels, Hospitals, Residential High- Rise Construction, Public Safety & Security, Higher Education, and Public and Private Enterprise.

About CellAntenna: CellAntenna delivers logistical communication solutions through the implementation of cutting- edge RF technology domestically and internationally. The company provides engineered hardware and software solutions for public and private enterprises and organizations. CA Wireless is a division of CellAntenna Corporation, an international systems aggregator with offices in the U.S. and Europe. Users looking for more information on the LTE upgrade can utilize the CellAntenna dedicated toll-free line at (877) 401-1944, or email LTE@CellAntenna.com

More information is available at http://CellAntenna.com/index.php?id=lte

CEO of CellAntenna to Give Keynote Address on Expanding Business Overseas at the Export Trade Fair and Conference in Tampa.


Topic: “The World Is Flat: Expanding your Small Business Overseas.”

Export and Matchmaker Trade Fair and Conference

--(BUSINESS WIRE)--What: Howard Melamed, CEO and President of CellAntenna Corporation, Author of the book The Science of Opportunity, will be speaking at the upcoming Export and Matchmaker Trade Fair and Conference being held September 14, 2011 in Tampa Florida. The event is being sponsored by U.S. Small Business Administration, Office of International Trade Florida District Export Council, U.S. Department of Commerce, Commercial Service and the Florida Small Business Development Center Network.

Mr. Melamed is the recipient of the 2010 Export Achievement Award from the United States Department of Commerce. Mr. Melamed’s address will highlight how our nation’s small businesses can expand by boosting manufacturing in America and selling their products overseas. CellAntenna has been exporting American products including cell phone signal boosters and cell phone control systems. Mr. Melamed has successfully grown CellAntenna into an exporter to more than 38 countries.

Who: Howard Melamed, CEO and president of CellAntenna Corporation, a multinational telecommunications company, is an expert in cellular technology. He is a frequent speaker at conferences around the world.

Where: Wyndham Tampa Westshore Hotel 700 North Westshore Boulevard Tampa, Florida 33609 (813) 289-8200

When: Howard Melamed will be speaking on Wednesday, September 14, 2011 at 12:45 PM.

CellAntenna Files Petition at the FCC to Get Illegal Cell Phones Found in Prisons Turned off by Cell Phone Carriers


Rule Change Facilitates Cooperation between Cell Phone Carriers and Law Enforcement: Essential to Solve the Problem of Cell Phones In Prisons

CORAL SPRINGS, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--CellAntenna Corporation announced that they have filed a petition to have illegal cell phones in a prison that are electronically detected and identified, unsubscribed by the cellular carriers. The petition requests that the FCC define rules for how law enforcement and cellular carriers can help curtail the illegal use of cell phones in prisons by criminals.

Illegal cell phones in prisons are a security threat to law enforcement and the general public. This position will no doubt be confirmed by a report due out this week by the Government Accountability Office (GAO). All too often the inmate obtains a smuggled cell phone and uses it to continue their crime behind bars. No matter how vigilant correctional officers are the infiltration of cell phones has escalated to pandemic proportions – with hundreds of thousands of cell phones found annually in our nation’s prisons. Although jamming technology would be the most cost effective way to solve the problem, current laws prevent its deployment. Other methods including managed access can be easily defeated and are unaffordable for local and state departments of corrections.

CellAntenna has perfected an affordable and practical technology to stem the problem. CellAntenna’s Guardian Service detects and identifies individual cell phones and the carriers they are attached to in a targeted area and creates a simple list that can be sent to the carriers by the prison authorities. The carrier has only to unsubscribe the cell phone from their system rendering the illegal device useless. The petition filed recognizes that the carrier cooperation is essential to effectively fight the problem illegal cell phones found in prisons.

“In our discussions cellular service providers expressed their desire to help solve the problem of illegal cell phones in the prisons,” stated Howard Melamed CEO of CellAntenna Corp. “Having the FCC provide the framework, by way of our petition assists the carriers and law enforcement officers in protecting the public by thwarting the illegal use of cell phones by criminals.”

CellAntenna in cooperation with Department of Corrections around the country has tested the Guardian Service solution and can attest to the amount of illegal cell phones found in prisons and their specific details.

Read - CellAntenna Petition for Rulemaking

Cell Phone Radiation: The REAL Issue and How to Reduce Radiation Levels Coming From Your Cell Phone


Recently, the WHO, the World Health Organization came out with a statement that Cell Phones may be hazardous to your health. They made this conclusion after they had a conference in which world scientists, doctors etc., examined the data from one study done in Sweden and concluded that despite all of the other years where they could not make a determination, this year they could.

Was this politically motivated, where the WHO, the organization that created the scare of h1n1 virus, SARs, and Mad Cow, actually needed some more limelight to become relevant or is this real possibility, that is, Cell Phones used for long periods of time can cause tumors in the brain?

In looking at the study, several key facts come out of it. Some of them are based on their assumptions and some as well that are based on logic.

Where is that danged antenna located?

A short time ago, cell phones had a small telescopic antenna that you could raise or lower. This migrated to small stub fixed antennas located at the top of your cell phone, and then off to what is now used predominantly which is a "Patch" antenna, a small wafer about 1" x 1/2 " in size placed behind the back cover of your phone ( not the batter cover). These patch antennas work almost as well as the telescopic ones, but inherently are not as efficient. This means that "Not all cell phones are created equal". That is to say different cell phones produce different power levels.

More importantly there are cell phone that have their antenna located behind the ear piece of the cell phone, and others that are located behind the microphone, or mouth piece. There was no distinction made between these two cases. There should be. Close proximity to the area behind the ear and above, energy transmitted by the cell phone has a higher intensity than that transmitted by the antenna behind the mouth piece. For the signal to travel into the brain area, the signal must pass through the jawbone, the moisture of the mouth, and on to the brain. The energy of the cell phone at 5" from the antenna we can be measured with the spectrum analyzers we have and it was 10 dB or ten times less than that of the energy directly at the ear.

iPhones for example have the antenna located surrounding the cell phone from the right side over the top to the left side. The energy is distributed among a path of approximately 6". No study was done to determine whether the distribution of the energy over the 6" was different than coming from a patch antenna 1" x " in size. Blackberry and most Androids have the antenna located in the bottom of the phone at the back. Again, the signal would have to travel through the phone and then through the jawbone. Similar with Motorola razors, the flip phones where the antenna is located near the mouth piece.

Certainly not all cell phones are created equal.

Cell Phone Output Power Levels

What was the energy level of the cell phone to start off with? That is an important point. If this was a European study, a cell phone can put out a maximum power of 2 watts. Here in the United States, in order to conserve energy, and "talk time" cell phones are designed to operate at lower levels, close to 1 mill watt in most cases. US cell phones have a maximum energy level of of a watt... 25% that of the European maximums. This was not taken into consideration.

What Standard Protocol did they test?

CDMA GSM or iDen? The three standards used in the United States, are infinitely different. CDMA phones normally operate at even lower powers levels than their GSM counterparts. The equipment of the CDMA in the USA is the UMTS in Europe or WCDMA. GSM operates channelized m and CDMA is spread over a greater area. Iden phones, famous for push to talk operate at much higher levels than the other two systems, because their towers are father apart forcing the phone to operate at higher levels. Up to 2 watts in some cases!

Other considerations.

Did they take into consideration other factors, like total amount of metal in the particular cell iPhone versus plastic? Several Nokia, Samsung and Sanyo phones have very little metal, but put out the same power as the Motorola counterparts. This is all very important in looking at the study.

Using Headsets versus the phone up against you ear.

Most news organizations are coming out indicting that the use of a Bluetooth headset is advisable compared to directly putting your cell phone up against your ear. They have no basis for this discussion. No test has ever been done on the effects of Bluetooth headsets on brain cancer!

Here is what they are not telling you: Bluetooth headsets operate a frequency of 2.4-2.5 GHz. Your microwave oven operates at a similar frequency. The headset puts out 2.5 mill watts of power, at a distance closer to your brain than the cell phone! Earpieces are inserted into the ear canal making them closer! The 2.5 mill watts of power is 2.5 times higher than the energy form the cell phone at normal conditions. How anyone can recommend going from a cell phone to a Bluetooth headset is beyond my understanding...unless of course you sell Bluetooth headsets.


The bars on the cell phone can be a good indicator of whether or not your phone is operating at full output power or at the levels that I describe, which are at 1 milliwatt...minimal power. First, the higher the energy that you receive from the tower, the closer the tower is to you and the less energy the cell phone has to put out to reach the tower. More bars on your phone = lower transmission levels of your phone. The power level of your phone transmitting to the tower is inversely proportional to the received signal from the tower. Da Bars! Can you trust the bars on your phone? 5 Bars is FULL? Only with some phones. Motorola we have always found to be truthful with their display of the bars. 3 bars means -75 dBm of downlink signal, and full bars, usually means -60 dB. Each bar on the Motorola phone represents 10 -20 times energy difference. Now, with Samsung, LG etc., they like to 'juice' those bars up. That means that 5 bars on their phone could still mean a lower signal coming form the tower and a high signal generated from your phone. In fact the carriers like giving those people that complain about signal levels on their phones the juiced up models...that way they can full you into thinking you got better signal! If you have 1 or two bars, you can be certain that your cell phone has to power up to full, most of the time. You also notice that the cell phones battery runs out quicker... because it is transmitting at full power!

So what can be done about lowering the energy level of the cell phone so that I minimize the risks, if any, associated with electromagnetic radiation exposure? What you need to do is get better downlink signals from the tower so that your phone does not have to power up as high. There are several ways to do this

1. Use an External Antenna

In some phones, there is a " small plug located at the back either top or bottom...Behind this plug is a jack that connects directly to the antenna output of the cell phone. With an adapter connected to a cable plugged into this port, you can add an external antenna that can be placed at least 1 meter (3 feet) away from you. A few things happen as a result. The amount of energy you get from the external antenna at 3 feet is 1000 times less than that of the antenna of the cell phone when placed against you rear. As well, since this antenna is more efficient than the small one at the back of your cell phone, the phone is more efficient in transmitting and receiving the signal and therefore powers down to the lowest levels. In some cases this amounts to 10000 times less energy needed, increased talk time, and better reception of course no dropped calls. The Antenna can be stuck to the car window (we have suction cop antennas) to your window at your house as well. OR you can simply hold it at a distance or place it beside you. With the Magnetic mount antennas., placing it outside the car or home results in a doubling of the signal levels of the towers, and halving of the transmission energy of the cell phone.

2. Install a docking station.

We have two products on our side, one made by Dock N talk, and the other is Siemens Gigaset. These two products connect to your cell phone either wirelessly or via a cable to the data port. By placing the docking station near a window, say in your kitchen and attaching the cell phone to it, your signal level of the cell phone will be higher. More importantly, the cell phone when transmitting will be nowhere near you. That is because these two products connect the cell phone directly to the landline phone sin your home. When someone calls your cell number, the house phone rings. You pick it up, (even has caller ID) and you answer just like you would if the phone is up against your ear. AS well, you can dial out. The cell phone does not have to be next to you! It can be anywhere else in the house. The added benefit of course is that you can get rid of your landline entirely and use the cell phone only.

3. Adding a repeater system.

If you have at least 3 bars outside your home and 1-2 bars inside, you are a perfect candidate for Cell phone booster or Repeater. The reason the signal level is lower in your house than outside is because building materials absorb and reflect radio frequency signals. Our repeater system simply put bridges this resistance, and takes the signal from outside, amplifies it and transmits it inside. Similarly the signal from your phone gets amplified and sent to the tower. You install an antenna outdoors, run the cable inside to the amplifier and install a small indoor antenna. Turn it on and presto! 1 bar becomes 5, and as I said, the more bars you see on your phone the less signal is being transmitted.

Some may ask, but what about the energy coming from the repeater? Isn't that a worry? Fact is because our antenna outside sees the tower... the amount of energy that is being picked up and amplifier is about the same as the output power of the cell phone. The difference is that the antenna of the repeater is located three or more feet from where you are. That means the signal level from the repeater is 1000 times or more less than that of your cell phone at your ear! No worries here! We have repeaters for small homes, offices, warehouse and even hospitals and hotels. The added benefit of course is not only do you reduce the radiation level of the cell phones, you increase talk time, get less dropped calls, and you are able to use your phone in more places than before.

4. How about the RAD sticker?

There are many products on the market that tell you that they will reduce the energy of the cell phone. Stickers placed at the back of your phone for instance are nothing more than a sham. Any metal placed near the antenna of a cell phone causes the cell phone to get less signal from the tower...and if you have been reading....forces your phone to power up at higher levels!

5. More Text Messaging less Phone Use.

Use text messaging more often. I always wonder in this world of progress, how we ended up back with text messaging. IF you are older, and remember the days of the pager, you would dial a phone number for a pager, and a signal would be sent, the pager would beep and the person would call his answering service. That migrated to being able to send the phone number to the pager of the party that wanted to be called, to being able to answer back to another pager by a small keyboard on the pager that you received it or sending a message. This migrated to being able to call someone using a cell phone rather than paging them. This migrated to paging them on a cell phone, then finally text messaging them instead of calling them. How the hell did we do a full 360 degree circle with technology that was supposed to move us forward?

Having said that, the best you can do, is use the technology sparingly. There is no reason to talk on a cell phone if you have a landline near you. AS well, you could do the good old fashion way of waiting until you get home to call your friend. What is so urgent? If the WHO is right, and maybe they are wrong, or maybe next year they will look at the facts, be pressured by the CTIA (organization that represents the carriers) and have their ruling about cell phones overturned. Perhaps even better....they will read my article, ask the people performing the study to study more... and maybe 50 years from now, we will get a different answer.... Cell Phones are healthy! They reduce your stress levels. Less stress = better health. Higher tower signals = lower cell phone transmission power = better health.

If you have any concern whatsoever regarding the use of the cell phone, you can abstain from using it of course. However, any and all of the solutions described above will certainly decrease the energy levels, reduce the risk of cancer if any, and provide you with decent coverage and less dropped calls.

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APCO 2011 Conference


7-9 February 2011, Ontario, California
CellAntenna is participating at the APCO 2011 Conference

Howard Melamed, CellAntenna CEO will be explaining our managed access, cell phone denial and location as they relate to the current cutting edge technology that can be deployed by law enforcement. He will also discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the various techniques and the need to evaluate from a practical and legal standpoint the use of any equipment applications for jails/prisons, building security and local and state law enforcement.

>> Please click to find out more or to make an appointment during the conference.

Counter Terror Expo 2011


19-20 April 2011, London
CellAntenna is participating at the Counter Terror Expo 2011

Howard Melamed, CellAntenna CEO will be speaking at the CTE discussing the following topic: 'STRATEGIES AND TACTICS IN PREVENTING THE USE OF MOBILE PHONES BY TERRORIST'.

CellAntenna ICPA member


We gladly inform that CellAntenna has become member of International Corrections and Prisons Association