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Government solutions

CellAntenna cell phone security options allow government agencies the option to increase wireless signals when needed, and jam signals when necessary.

In today’s economy, all levels of government are looking for cost effective ways to help their agency run as efficiently and effectively as possible. Seamless wireless communication plays a huge role in helping to keep government productivity high.

Government employees rely on their wireless voice and data devices to run departmental business quickly and accurately from any location within the office. Employees depend on the ability to communicate effectively with one another within a facility to ensure vital information reaches the appropriate departments as timely as possible.

The ability to stay connected to local officials and businesses helps booster economic productivity as well.

Safety amongst government offices and agencies is of vital importance. The ability for security personnel to keep in touch through handheld wireless devices can make a critical difference in times of threat or emergency.

Security officials must be able to contact local emergency response teams when a potential emergency arises. The ability to block cell phone signal in the event of a possible security breach can make life or death differences.

CellAntenna has a team of sales and technical staff experienced in how local, state, and federal government contracts work to ensure the right products for your agencies specific needs. Our specific and uniquely engineered designs can provide the signal enhancement or cell phone control necessary, without disrupting operational technology within your facility allowing all forms of government to run as safely and efficiently as possible.

Our customers:

- Dept of Defense (includes: Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, Air Force)
- Miami-Dade County
- DHS (FEMA, US Border Patrol, US Customs & Border Protection, OIT)
- US Military Academy
- US Army Aberdeen Test Center

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